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Here you can find out everything relevant about REACH.

Last update / review: 24.05.2024

After about 4 years, the EU Commission approved several applications for authorization for the use of chromium trioxide in December 2020:

Use 1: Formulation

Use 2: Hard chrome plating

Use 4: various surface treatments

Approval was granted until September 21, 2024.


The approval numbers specific to the applications are communicated to you via our product labels and our safety data sheets.

The use of substances subject to authorisation is linked to several requirements, which are listed below:

1.) Within the first three months after receipt of the first delivery (related to products containing chromium trioxide), following the granted authorisation, a notification of each user to ECHA is mandatory in accordance with Article 66 of the REACh Regulation.

In this regard, we pass on the recommendation from CTACsub to notify ECHA as early as three months after the authorisation has been granted.

- The recommendation is to submit a notification in the ECHA notification tool by around 18 March 2021.

The information on the key functions required for notification can be found in section 15 of our product safety data sheets.

In addition, you will find further information on the key functions for the uses mentioned above in the Q&A on .

2.) Another important component of the authorisation is the implementation of the risk management measures that were developed by the applicants during the authorisation process. These can be viewed in the Good Practice Sheets (GPS) under the following link:

The exposure scenarios will be communicated by the marketing authorisation holders in the supply chain, probably by mid-March. If further risk management measures are then required beyond the Good Practice Sheets, we will communicate these further in the supply chain.

3.) Along with the approval, programs for measuring workplace exposure measurements as well as measurements of air and wastewater emissions by downstream users must be implemented; the initial measurements must be carried out by June 14, 2021. You can find further information on implementation in the CTACSub Q&A link below, as well as the GPS, the link we have added under point 2.

4.) the results must be communicated to ECHA by 08.12.2021.

5.) These measurements must continue to be carried out annually.

In the following link you will find questions and answers related to the approval of chromium trioxide:

- Please note that the dates given there refer to the admission of the CTACSub consortium and the dates given in our cover letter refer to another consortium that has since joined the CTACSub.

It is important to implement all of the above points, otherwise you will not be covered by the approval.


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